Nemo Atkins (Editor)

A semi-reclusive music critic based in Northumberland, Nemo was a former contributor to The Unheard Voices and Black Phoenix Rising and is currently a contributor to Cuckoo Review, a presenter with Lionheart Radio and maintains a blog. When not doing writing, Nemo can usually be found quietly listening to music, watching videos by The Nostalgia Critic, The Runaway Guys, Todd In The Shadows, Mike J, Bennett The Sage, The Angry Video Game Nerd and Linkara, reading fictional novels and playing games on his Nintendo 3DS, laptop and PS3. Nemo is also a trained actor, talented singer and has experience with playing the accordion. He is hoping to be a better boss than Dilbert’s.

HeinzVarietyNerd (Writer)

A nerd based in his bedroom in Sunny South Shields. Tends to live like Goblin, hiding in his room only to leave when offerings of food, gaming or a decent movie are provided (and often tricked with Sharknado). A massive Star Trek fan capable of boring you to distraction and likely death due to his extensive knowledge on useless trivia and occasional breaking out into full blown Klingonese (incidentally, where is that pu’taQ with my Bloodwine and Fresh GahG). (I got nothing. -ed.)

Captain Phoenix (Writer)

Lover of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and superheroes. Skateboarding enthusiast and superhero in disguise! A talented wordsmith with a huge imagination. Expect the unexpected and always with a good sense of humour!


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