Promotional Materials Submission Guidelines

If you’re in a position to submit material to us for review, please read the following before you submit stuff to us for the first time, as these should make our stance clear on things.

  • Do NOT send stuff to us without letting us know what it is you will be sending first, as any files from e-mail addresses which we do not recognise will not be opened under any circumstances to prevent potential malware issues. Instead, send details about what you will be sending (for example, specs necessary to run a game or noting what system the game runs on) to us and we will contact you back if we can cover it AND there is interest in it.
  • We will not give out positive reviews unless we feel the content actually deserves them, though we will do our best to avoid unnecessarily harsh criticism if a work does not deserve it. If you are aware that you cannot handle criticism of any sort, do not submit material to us!
  • Rudeness and disrespect towards us will get you (and any company you are currently working for if applicable) blacklisted from being covered by us and all messages from you will be blocked, regardless of your status. We appreciate that this is an extreme measure, but this is because we have far more important things to do with our time than deal with people who have no respect for us and we see no reason to support those who treat us with contempt. You don’t have to like us, but a little respect towards us as people is expected if you are conversing with us and demanded if you want us to cover your stuff.
  • We will not accept bribes to review something, agree to follow an embargo that is set near, on or after the release date of the product in question (unless there is a very good reason which is not related to the quality of the product) or be pressured into reviewing something that we have clearly stated that we do not wish to review, nor will we let attempts to do this go without public comment. We might be reviewers, but we also have principles which we have as a core part of our site and two of those principles are integrity and a commitment to informing our audience of what they need to know about what we are covering. Bribes compromise our integrity, embargoes which hurt our audience also hurt us if we turn out to have agreed to them because it compromises our integrity and letting attempts to pressure us go through hurts our audience because it takes us away from that which our audience might want us to actually cover. Hence, we will not stand for any of these things and will make it quite clear when attempts to do this have been made, regardless of their success or not.
  • While a press kit is appreciated if you have one available, these are not necessary to include, as we will do our own research into what we receive anyway. This does not mean that you should not include information about yourself in your introductory e-email, though: we might not be able to find you otherwise!
  • Be aware that a submission of something to us does NOT guarantee it will be covered. We will do our best to cover stuff if there is interest in it, but, at the end of the day, we are unpaid writers who have our own lives on top of writing, so, if problems come up there, we will have to prioritise those over writing for the site.