Nemo Atkins


Age: 23

Role: Editor, admin, chief writer, Let’s Player, streamer

Twitter: @NemoAtkins


Biography: Take one dash of folk music, ten dashes of metal music, a dozen musical theatre performances, a pinch of top 40 charts music from the late 90s to the early 2000s, a Gilbert & Sullivan fondness and far too much Queen and you have a horrible mess…and Nemo Atkins’ musical background in a nutshell. With experience as a folk singer, an accordionist, a stage actor and a radio host, Nemo is certainly no stranger to the arts as a whole and his enthusiasm is undeniable. Having officially stepped into reviewing music in 2012 and not stopped since, Nemo is a veteran reviewer with experience in covering genres as diverse as pop-punk, folk, jazz, country and metal and has written for several websites in his time. Though newer to video game criticism, he is no slouch when it comes to gaming, with over a decade of gaming experience on a variety of systems and a determination not to be beaten by any game, no matter how difficult it may be.

Personal Favourite Album: Ride the Lightning by Metallica

Personal Favourite Video Game: Comix Zone