Age: 24

Role: Sub-editor, writer, Let’s Player, streamer

Twitter: @HeinzVarietyNrd

Biography: A man with a fondness for music, video games, history, Star Trek and Game of Thrones (among countless other things!), HeinzVarietyNerd is a very capable writer and actor who can always be relied upon to give his thoughts on subjects while cutting through to the heart of matter. Though relatively new to journalism and LPing, HVN has many years of gaming experience under his belt and over two decades of rock knowledge which he can draw upon as necessary and is always passionate and opinionated on topics, which makes him a great asset on the team and more than capable of filling in for Nemo Atkins…who is hoping that HVN doesn’t take cues from the Klingons with regards to his promotion opportunities!

Personal Favourite Album: Diamond in the Firepit by Brother Firetribe

Personal Favourite Video Game: Endless Legend