Free Video Game Reviews: Frosty Kiss

Wow, first free video game review of 2016…and it’s a return to the world of Everlasting Summer. My year has already been made!

…OK, serious face on.

Frosty Kiss can be best summed up as an epilogue to Everlasting Summer, being a very short visual novel (I got the first ending in about ten minutes) which features the main female cast of the game (no cat girl or male characters make an appearance) and the protagonist of the previous game just celebrating in the new year. It’s set a good while after the main game has ended, since the whole cast is noticeably older than they were in the previous game (to put this in perspective, Ulyana, who was a young to mid teen in the first game, is now in her first year at university…although there is time travel stuff to bear in mind, so how much time has passed is probably less than it looks on first glance) and it’s a surprisingly nice continuation of the story as well. All of the characters feel like the same characters from the first game (even Ulyana still acts the same, although the game does acknowledge that it’s odd behavior from someone her age) and the story, while simple, is a surprisingly strong one, giving a very good follow up on the original story that doesn’t override the previous endings much (there’s no “character didn’t get with you” stuff here: it’s actually fairly open enough that you could feasibly believe that any of the good endings happened) while still offering a decent amount of replayability. The horror aspects from the original game aren’t present here, but they wouldn’t have fit in with the game, so I can see what that decision was made.

Really, there’s not a lot to say about this game that I haven’t already said about Everlasting Summer, so I have to really give it a short review. It’s not got a lot of options to it, which could make it hard to justify more than a few replays, but it mostly serves as a very nice continuation, and the note from the developers at the end wishing everyone a happy new year and hoping everyone finds their own significant other is actually surprisingly touching. You’ll definitely want to have played Everlasting Summer first, but, if you have a few spare days, then pick up Everlasting Summer and, once you’ve got all of the endings (or got any of the good endings, if you’re lazy), pick up Frosty Kiss. Trust me, you’ll definitely be feeling nostalgic when you get to Frosty Kiss!