About The Nerd Circle

The Nerd Circle officially started out in February 2014, when Nemo Atkins, HeinzVarietyNerd, T-Buster and BeardedBritishGaming decided to get together to start producing content as a group. At the time, Nemo Atkins was a blogger who had just started writing music reviews and BeardedBritishGaming had recently joined Black Phoenix Rising as a contributor, while HeinzVarietyNerd and T-Buster were big fans of many online critics, so they all decided to just produce whatever content they felt like producing.

Despite a few setbacks, including the departure of BeardedBritishGaming in June 2014, the group was still active when, in June 2015, plans were made to start up a website by Nemo Atkins and HeinzVarietyNerd. With Nemo Atkins taking up the role of editor and the addition of Captain Phoenix to the writing team, the group put together the website you are reading now, which officially launched in July 2015.

And the story continues…


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