Nemo Atkins: Temporary Schedule Change

Hi, Nemo Atkins here. Due to an ongoing issue with pain in my right ear, I will be temporarily stepping down from doing music reviews and streaming. I don’t want to do it, but, unfortunately, there’s no practical way I can do the reviews while my ear is in the condition it is in.

This does NOT mean that I will not be doing articles for the site at all: in fact, with the exception of the Free Video Game reviews (which will continue as normal), the articles for the time being will instead be more discussion focused, talking about various things of interest to me as a geek.

As stressed in the title, this is a temporary schedule change: I fully intend to return to music reviews once my ear has recovered! For the time being, HeinzVarietyNerd and Andy Scarlett have kindly agreed to fill in for me on the music reviews to allow the site to have any reviews which are essential to be done completed on time. I will not reveal what they are specifically covering, but expect some interesting stuff to be covered during my temporary hiatus from music reviews.

I also hope that what I talk about will also be of interest, though I cannot promise this will occur!

We have also decided to bump Andy Scarlett up to being a full time member of the site while I am recovering. As a music and video game critic himself and a great writer in his own right, along with his willingness to help out, it felt like a natural choice to finally make him a full time member, especially as we had been debating doing that for a while anyway! This will be shown on the site as from the 24th of May (mostly due to offline stuff meaning that I can’t do all of the linking and whatnot today), so please feel free to read his content and offer him a warm welcome to the site!

Thank you for your understanding!


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