We’re Out Of Beta…We’re Releasing On Time!

I know, referencing “Still Alive” by this point is far, FAR too late for it to be funny, but it seemed appropriate!

Anyway, despite a bunch of last minute changes and a few things still needing to be done (we still need to add a section for one contributor), we’re basically launched now! It’s been a lot of fun putting this site together (and, I’ll admit, a little bit stressful), but now, the hard work is done. So, to everyone coming to the site today, welcome and I hope you enjoy the content you find here!

We currently only have one bit of content up on the site (my review of Visitor’s 1993 self-titled debut album), but rest assured, we have content lined up for the next few days: HVN has a review of Beyond Earth that should be up tomorrow, I’m hoping to have a review of HuniePop done over the next day or two and I’m hoping to have something from Captain Phoenix soon enough. We’ll also have the introduction of a new contributor over the next few days, so expect to see some minor changes soon enough!

For now, though, take a look around the site and, if you run across any issues, drop me a message!

Nemo Atkins


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